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Many of the powerful automation features in HelpLINE are provided by the run-time version of our ActivitySCHEDULER product. For example:

  • Dashboard reporting to a web page
  • Emailing regular management reports - and not just HelpLINE reports
  • Service level management
  • Scheduling regular ITIL-based processes
  • Database backups
  • Archiving historical data
  • and many housekeeping activities

ActivitySCHEDULER is also available as a full job scheduling product, providing comprehensive IT workload automation.

There are many job schedulers on the market today. Some come embedded within applications and others are free standing. But can they really handle the complex demands of true automation?

Computer jobs are frequently dependent not only on 'whether' the previous job or jobs terminated, but on 'how' they terminated.

When a job fails to start or fails while running, people need to be notified and where possible, corrective action needs to be taken automatically.

As a result of today's distributed computing environment, jobs need to be coordinated across multiple platforms in multiple locations. It is no longer enough just to put a job in a queue at a point in time, and trust that it will run.

ActivitySCHEDULER is a Windows-centric product (server or workstation) that allows the most complex of interdependent activities to be scheduled so that they can run unattended. Activities can be started anywhere on the network, and job dependencies can be across the network in any combination.

ActivitySCHEDULER allows you to 'set and forget' your IT workload schedules, notifying you only as intervention becomes necessary. In most cases, all you will see is the confirmation report as jobs or groups of jobs are completed.


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