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By introducing HelpLINE, your operations can benefit from better cost control, better service performance and better productivity. HelpLINE helps to you to instil a professional service culture by giving your service team the right tools to get the job done.

The HelpLINE functionality will drive down your costs, improve profitability through increased efficiency and productivity and deliver lower incident volumes, faster incident resolution and fewer business disruption service failures.

Ease of use for all users
Improved support staff productivity
Empowerment for all users
Flexibility to fit your business
Metrics for service level performance and accountability
Strong reporting capabilities
Compliance to industry Best Practice
Customisable web access
Easy business application integration
Multi-language facilities

9 strong product features to transform your service support

1. Submitting new incidents
– Customers can report new incidents via several methods
– Attachments can be added to incidents

2. Resolution of incidents
– New incidents can be automatically assigned
– Resolution of incidents can be configurable to suit your own process
– Auditable resolution processes
– Knowledge base support
– Support staff can maintain their own action list
– Diary notes can be added to each incident to document through to resolution
– Full access is available to all users according to their permissions
– Enables managers to view the workload of the complete support team

3. Problem management
– Enables service responsiveness, tracking and trend analysis
– Problems can be linked to multiple incidents
– Multiple problems can be linked to Known Errors

4. Management reporting
– Enables real time customisable reports, automated as required
– Provides a wide selection of standard reports which can be customised
– Reports can be produced in a variety of different formats

5. Communication
– Automatic email facilities ensure easy, effective and appropriate communications
– Customers and support staff receive automatic emails throughout the incident life cycle
– Ad hoc emails can be sent from HelpLINE and replies processed automatically

6. Service level management
– Enables service performance to be managed to SLAs
– Automatic escalation can be set to pre-defined SLA parameters
– Different conditions can be escalated on different timescales
– Escalations trigger configurable actions or notifications
– Regular reminders can be sent under configurable conditions

7. Customisation
– Customisable web interface screens
– Unlimited additional fields can easily be added to the database for user and incident data
– All notification messages can be customised in content and format
– Customisable templates for printing and emailing incident details

8. Automation
– Routine actions and escalation actions can be automated
– Regular reports can be scheduled, emailed and printed
– Work flow applications can be automated to mirror your organisation’s processes

9. Integration
– Incident and user data can be imported into HelpLINE from other applications
– HelpLINE can trigger actions in, and pass data to, other applications


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